About Sound Manipulations Inc

Mars Lasar CEO

Platinum award winning composer/music producer, also an accomplished fine art photographer. He boasts an impressive list of credits in both the mainstream and broadcast marketplaces. To date Mars has successfully released over 30 solo albums and has a full arsenal of production credits to match. Mars' music can be heard on NBC's Conviction, The Medium, Extreme Makeover, the Bachelor, Disney, Law And Order SVU, America's Got Talent, and Fox's Emmy Awarding winning show "24".

Mars worked for the first music computer company “Fairlight Computers” for eight years and during that time he worked with their R&D team to help create the first multi-track sampler/sequencer "Page R". This Fairlight CMI was on the cutting edge of music production in the 80’s and was in very high demand by top artists around the globe. Mars says "I spent countless hours building and recording the first sample library for the Fairlight. I composed countless compositions using my multi-track sequencing method which was sent out to the world with the Fairlight Computer customers. I demonstrated the Fairlight at audio/engineering trade shows AES, NAMM, NAB and others, and also demonstrated the technology privately to many artists and producers including Alan Parsons, Hans Zimmer, Kate Bush, Duran Duran, Herbie Hancock and many others." Mars’ music career spans over 30 years of sequencing and recording music, millions of bars later he still continues to produce for artists and his commercial and production catalogs daily.

Amilia Lasar Executive Producer 

Amilia is the producer and overseer of IFM and Legacy's artists and production. She started university with a physics major and left with an honors degree in religion and history as well as working on her masters in music. She currently lives in Hong Kong, frequenting Los Angeles quarterly. 

Amilia had a very unique upbringing, her dad had artists and entertainers of all sorts coming in and out of the studio, from Tatu, Seal, White Snake, Foreigner to video gamer Tommy Tollorico; giving Amy quite a diverse influence on her musical identification. She was tutored in piano and classical guitar, but mostly enjoyed her time playing in metal bands or listening to movie sound tracks. 

After her time at EMI Publishing, Mars hired Amilia to start working for him at IFM where she began her journey into the depths of the music production business. In 2013 Amilia and Mars founded Legacy Music, which is a cinematic hybrid library. 

Amilia currently works with composers from all over the world, including UK, China, Australia and USA.